My Days of Mercy ★★★★

Happy Pride Month

In the midst of protest against death penalty, Mercy and Lucy lock eyes. But the thing they both are on the opposing sides of the protest and the unwritten law kind of forbids them to have any conversation....But these unwritten laws are the most thrilling to break as Mercy says.

Lucy's father is going to get the lethal injection soon, with her sister Martha and brother Ben, they try to fight to get him out of it. Martha is having an affair with their lawyer, Lucy is trying to get the grip of everything around her. It becomes tiresome for her, with no job and love life been in drought since two years, meeting Mercy kind of ignites her heart back.

Directed by Tali Shalom Ezer, My Days of Mercy has an interesting plot to play with. It has its own tragedy and conflict. But it misses on some moments of emotions and care. But as the story moved forward, I sort of realized that those moments which really should breaking these characters down has already left and made them kind of void. It is the realization of hope fading away.

Lucy and Mercy's moments are tender and kind of cute. I loved how Mercy heads on towards Lucy to ask her out, how she listens to her and tries to understand. Their dialogues should have been better, but I think that is how Ellen and Kate must talk to each other as it felt natural with them.

The story is also about the characters coming to terms with who they are, breaking free of burdens and finally acceptance. It won't cliche you into anything rather it will pull up with the terms of reality, especially the conversations about the capital punishment. Lucy's breakdown with her sister and then the scene between her and Mercy at Mercy's house are really heartbreaking but at the same time it pulls the rug under these characters.

I personally loved the final scene of the movie. Ellen Page as Lucy and Kate Mara as Mercy are just perfect in every way. Their real life friendship makes their chemistry here beautiful and sensual. You can see how they understand each other in every terms and every inch.

My Days of Mercy is a story that reflects around a fight that shrugs everything until someone comes around and changes everything around you and yourself.