Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★★

Reynolds Woodcock: Kiss me, my girl, before I'm sick.

How do I describe this? It is a tale of love. It is a tale of an artist and his work. It is a tale that turns into submission of that love. It is a dark tale with a pinch of humor and some sublime performances.

The first frame we see is of Alma, describing her relationship with Reynolds Woodcock, renowned fashion designer. His charisma and genius is matched by his obsessive, controlling personality. When we Reynolds first sets his eyes on Alma, he can't take his eyes of her. Soon Alma moves into Reynolds big house and becomes his assistant, lover and muse.

Written and Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, Phantom Thread is something that makes you fall in love with every frame that it represents on the screen. It is like a work of art itself, like Reynolds sketching the dresses, then to stitching and finally fitting. Reynolds is hard to love when you start to spend more time with him, he is like a child as Alma describes him. He appears to be strong but he is vulnerable and in constant need of help.

Reynolds relationship with his sister Cyril is long standing as he says to Alma that, Cyril is always right. One thing you can observe here is that how PTA uses the breakfast scene to describe how Reynolds must be feeling. We hear the noise of Alma putting butter on the bread like Reynolds is, the chewing and everything. Cyril tells that Reynolds must have his time for Breakfast otherwise his whole day is kind of ruined.

How do you love someone when he is stubborn on his way of life, without any compromise and much more love in his work. He won't show his vulnerability, he excepts everyone to follow his routine that he has spent his life to perfect.

It is Alma's story that we see and her love. A love she wants to have with Reynolds not the love that is already defined for her. She says that she has given Reynolds what he deserves the most and that is, Alma: Reynolds has made my dreams come true. And I had given him what he desires most in return.

Dr. Robert Hardy: And what's that?

Alma: Every piece of me

I was surprised with the humor it has in certain scenes. Alma who stands to question Reynolds and her willfulness and determination that gains respect with Cyril. Reynolds is confided in his own claustrophobic nature of living. He wants to be free. The scene where he comes to Cyril and starts to moan about Alma and how he is not focused on his work and Cyril not giving rats ass about it was fucking priceless.

It really hits you when the movie ends and Daniel Day Lewis's name appears on the screen and you just stand still flashing back to all his great performances on the screen and Phantom Thread being his last one. I don't have to say how great, perfect and exceptional Daniel Day Lewis is as Reynolds Woodcock. Because everyone knows that Daniel Day Lewis does everything perfect. Thank you for everything Daniel...Hopefully in the future Paul Thomas Anderson writes another movie for you and we will see you again.

Vicky Krieps as Alma is the soul of this movie. Even with Daniel Day Lewis, you just can't take your eyes of her. The way she stands tall with Reynolds, her love for him and everything in between. I can't believe she is not nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars. The scene where Reynolds meets Alma is one of my favorite scenes of this movie. She walks in stumbling and smiles. They both can't take their eyes of each other. Reynolds ordering his breakfast as she writes and leaving a note for him...This scene was perfection.

Lesley Manville as Cyril provides a tour de force supporting role. She is the backbone of Reynolds and the house of Woodcock. The scene where she tells Reynolds not to start a fight with her as he won't come alive was just priceless.

Jonny Greenwood's score is so beautiful that I can't stop listening since I left the theater. It is in mind. Even though PTA doesn't want the credit for the cinematography of this movie, I have to say it is literally perfect. The way camera works with the characters especially when dressing is done is really magnificent to watch.

Phantom Thread is a masterpiece to its every stitch. The love story might not be something we expect but it is just so exciting to watch and unravel. The final scene between Alma and Reynolds is just WOW! One of the perfect endings to a movie. You fall in love with every frame of this movie but most of all you fall in love with Vicky Krieps. I am on nine clouds that I got to witness this masterpiece on the big screen. An experience I will remember forever.

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