Possession ★★★★

Hoop Tober 3.0 #15

Possession starts with Mark returning home from an assignment only to find out that his wife Anna is divorcing him. Even though she says there is no other man, still the suspense of it remains.

What Possession deepens right from the start is the human characteristic. The way Mark handles the break up with Anna. He is self absorbed in a way that he has assured that he can't live without her. Going back to her, taking care of his son, hiring a private detective to find out whats really going on with Anna. The moments Mark has with Anna's lover who himself is clueless about everything about Anna. He shows the character of domination.

Andrzej Żuławski shows the real mode of a disturbing behavior. This is what we see in Lars Von Trier and David Lynch for that matter. Most of the time it is really frustrating to don't know the side of it, what is really going on. Mark, as an international spy is helpless in the matter. he is not controllable in his emotions. Anna becoming hysterical every second she spends with Mark. But when we go the apartment where the horror part of the movie stands we see Anna is a composed matter, knowing every move. Even though we are still in dark about how she met the creature or why she is doing this. and the story about faith and chance and her episode at the subway lead to her behaviors.

Mark even starts a relationship with his sons teacher Natasha who looks exactly like Anna but with green eyes. There are moments I thought, was the plan to take possession of both of the lives of Mark and Anna by this creature.

Possession is a study of an relationship that is broken to the point that it ends with thump of chaos. It challenges every aspect of the relationship that can't survive itself or the person exhibiting it.

Isabelle Adjani gives on of the best performances on the screen. And god she is beautiful and beyond. Sam Neill matches every aspect of the behavior of a husband losing his wife and trying everything in his power yet losing himself in between.

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