Raw ★★★★★


I have been waiting for this movie since I got know this existed. In my mind and soul it was already one of the best films ever. And guess what it is!

Justine arrives at veterinary school to start college. She has been an vegetarian for her whole life. As she enters into the college rituals where she has to a rabbit kidney. As she starts to navigates everything around she discovers a truth of her sudden cravings.

Alexia, Justine's sister kind of helps her in a way. But what you can do when something starts to over power you? For Justine it is all new, steeping into an unknown world where Raw becomes her solution.

Written and Directed by Julia Ducournau, Raw is something unique that takes you for a thrill ride. At every moment you are anticipating something and it takes a step forward. Julia calls on Justine's journey. From the moment she eats her first meat. From the rashes, to the fingers and the lip. Everything seems so deep in its roots of storytelling.

Justine's characteristic starts to change a bit. Like the scene where she dresses up and starts to dance in her own trance, looking into the mirror.

Garance Marillier as Justine gives everything she has. And for this movie to work she had to. It is like she becomes Justine and I think Julia found her muse in Garance.

Ella Rumpf as Alexia plays the sister who tries to get Justine on a path but at the same time she is not the perfect role model for this family secret that was unleashed.

The final scene of the movie is where I was shaken. I never saw it coming tbh.


And the score by Jim Williams is just WOW! With every frame matching and the taste of the flesh passing through her body, Raw becomes something more than just a craving.

Raw is one of those films that is unique in its storytelling. It differentiates itself from every movie that is made on the subject. I don't know what Hannibal Lecter might say to this film but I will say this, It is a modern masterpiece.

And personally if you are from France, DO NOT ENTER THIS VETERINARY SCHOOL.

And I am Vegetarian now. (Just Kidding)

KFC can put the scene from this movie and call it IT'S FINGER LICKIN' GOOD in their ads.

Alexia: Shit.
Justine: What? Tell me.
Alexia: Odd.
Justine: It's stuck?
Alexia: I don't know.
Justine: What's Plan B?
Alexia: This is weird. Wait.
Justine: You'll circumcise me!
Alexia: We have to.
Justine: You're shaking! It's MY PUSSY!

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