Rock'n Roll ★★½

The fragility of an actor transpires within when he is passed on through a phase where certain roles are suddenly not meant him. Guillaume Canet lives a great life who is both a popular director and actor in France while his partner is a global Academy Award Winning star and one of the best actress of this generation Marion Cotillard. Guillaume has had a certain image in public with being comfortable but while shotting his new film his co star who is playing his daughter says to him he is not rock n roll and never has been, strikes him a little bit to hard and what even goes to downfall is when she says that he is way down the list of fuckable movie stars.

Directed by Guillaume Canet, after hearing all this and with his staff calling him Mr. Cotillard, Guillaume goes to lengths to prove that he is rock n roll, that he can pull of young roles, physical roles. He transforms himself, he throws his own advice on sets to a point he crosses. Funny thing comes in when he looses Ceaser award while Marion picks one up and uses it to stand the glass table.

The one thing the Guillaume misses is when to stop with this satire and coming falling down with his decisions, in the last 30 minutes the movie really comes down with its own representation of what it wants to show. Guillaume is facing a mid life crisis, he many times tells that he is just 40 years old. When he does that to his face, like the people in the movie you yourself can't look at him.

Guillaume knows that people would rather watch his partner Marion taking the lead in this movie, but Guillaume carries on with everything and nothing.

Guillaume Canet who plays the fictional version of himself is top on his game, we are never bothered with him and his choices rather we sit there as he rumbles into something that leads him further away from what he is. Marion Cotillard who also plays fictional version of herself is just you know exceptional. Her expression are priceless, especially when she sees Guillaume first time with his new appearance.

Camille Rowe and Yvan Attal are really good in their supporting roles.

Rock n Roll would have been really really great but the last act of this film really takes its own downfall. It is funny to watch but at the same time we get tired with some of the recurring jokes.

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