Sorcerer ★★★★

Running away from the crimes they have committed, stranded in a remote village with little no money to get out. After an explosion at the oil well with the fire it sets out and the only way to extinguish the fire is to use dynamite. These four men are hired to transport the dynamite with two trucks in their hands and the money they need when they reach the destination. As they embark upon the journey with a set path on the map they are tested from the nature, road and the bridges as every step becomes a hard fought journey.

Directed by William Friedkin, Sorcerer is exceptional in its production design and the thrill it creates. Setting the characters with an established past as the desperation makes them to take on this journey with an intensely created frames that make you come onto your edge of seat biting your nails.

Tangerine Dream's score adds to the thrill and suspense that Sorcerer posses in it. My heart was beating faster when the two trucks reach the path of the bridge with raining pouring down hard and the wood desperately seeking to collapse any given moment, Friedkin achieves every aspect of that sequence through his craft of filmmaking.

With his usual long shots and close ups of the characters, Friedkin slowly achieves your attention. It shows how desperate these characters have become to get out from this god forsaken place. The scene where they reach at the road where the tree if fallen avoiding the path they want to go and the miracle cross from the bridge you see Roy Scheider's characters beating the ground while Francisco Rabal's character laughs hysterically. You can sense the given circumstance and their fate inter winds with each path becomes an episode of World's Most Dangerous Roads.

Sorcereris carefully crafted movie with Friedkin's exceptional direction, astonishing production and the thrill and suspense it sets out to achieve. The bridge scene alone can leave you grasping for your breath.

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