The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★★

Jackson Healy: You can't smell?
Holland March: Yeah.
Jackson Healy: You're a detective, and you can't smell?
Holland March: Yeah.
Jackson Healy: Aw, this just keeps getting better and better.
Holland March: Wow, that's really insensitive.

From its upbeat pop music in the center of Los Angeles a story starts to unfold. Onto the top its Capitalism and in the middle of are the Nice Guys named Holland March and Jackson Healy.

The Nice Guys is one of those movies that get better and better with each watch. There is something amazing that revolves around the story, it has comedy dead center in situations where you shouldn't laugh at all. We have Ryan Gosling screaming, fainting, running and saving the day (kind of).

There is an originality that breathes through this movie. The neo noir approach really brings in the ultimate source for its reproduction. Sad that this movie didn't make like 100-150 million dollars that it deserves. I mean what do you expect from an audience who likes recycled stuff more than some originality.

Angourie Rice is the star if this movie who steals every frame from Ryan and Crowe. The pinky swear scene was kind of a sweet moment between her and Ryan. And I was right about Robert Downey Jr who plays the corpse of Sid Shattuck.

I personally like how the movie ends like it supposed to.

Holland March: So you're telling me you made a porno where the plot is the point?

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