The Salesman

The Salesman ★★★★

When you are watching a Asghar Farhadi film and that too on a big screen you are always going to experience the true meaning of Drama.

The Salesman is about a couple Rana and Emad. They are both starring in a play called Death of a Salesman. They are re locating to a new place. One night while having a bath Rana is attacked by someone and this takes a toll on the relationship between Rana and Emad.

As the story moves forward, we see a struggle between these two and between themselves. Rana trying to be strong yet so vulnerable. She can't be on herself. She is afraid to be alone. Emad wants to complain the attack to the police but the given circumstance and blow up it would cause Rana takes a step back from it. It becomes rather difficult for Emad to deal with all of it. He wants to be their for his wife, but he doesn't know how. He starts to find out on his own about the attacker.
But the attack was not initiated on Rana, it was for the previous tenant who was living before.

There is a scene where Rana brings one of her co stars child to the house and while eating dinner Emad asks how did she buy the items for the dinner by card or cash. When she says cash, the expression on Emad's face and Rana's face after he gives the answer is just so powerful and emotionally driven that you feel so uneasy while watching, still Farhadi steals a shot from the child to make the audience smile for a while become a bridge like the couple.

When we reach to the final conclusion of the movie like the last 30 minutes you see the intelligence and the strong writing of Farahadi. The confrontation scene and the tension and struggle in the final minutes really takes every breath you take.

I was ready to have the classic Farhadi ambiguous ending. But this time he gives a state us to define. How a relationship goes sore, a distance that can't be reached. The emotional strain in their eyes. The ugliness they just witnessed.

The Salesman has one of the most powerful performances you can see in Cinema. Shahab Hosseini as Emad is beyond brilliant. His expressions just says everything. He shows every emotional skin of the character. The scenes when he at times looses his cool and then again trying to make for it just shows the range of what he can do.

Taraneh Alidoosti as Rana gives another impeccable performance. The scenes where we see her trying to be strong yet so vulnerable are nothing short of brilliance. She holds the emotions, trying to be above it all.

The Salesman might not be Farhadi's best, still it gives you a look into his brilliant writing. How to create a scene, the tension, suspense and confrontation. You are left with a assurance yet wanting more from him as we have witnessed his masterpieces through and through and again and again.

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