The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★★

First I want to say in this three hour crazy movie the best moment was 10 minutes with Academy Award Winner Matthew McConaughey.
When I see this movie I keep thinking how does Scorsese can do this after all these years and he has done a brilliant job with it.
We are watching a movie were we are not seeing the wall street, or how brokers make money or how it is done illegally. We are watching a world of a broker's personal life which was party, drugs , sex and money. He is wild, he is mad but most of all he can sell. This movie displayed the wild chaotic world of brokers who went hardcore with their life.
I know this is not Goodfellas or Raging Bull or even The Departed but still Marty does a job even nowadays young directors wont take the risk of doing.

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