Toni Erdmann

Toni Erdmann ★★★★½

Winfried is someone who loves to do pranks, live his life in moments. But one day after his dog dies, he decides to reconnect with his daughter Ines. Ines is pursuing a career is business consulting in Romania.

Many of us become career driven, empty and lonely. Forgetting there a life exits in between those lines and moments we miss to create. As Winfried tries to understand his daughters life, he starts to get how lonely she is. As he leaves failing to reconnect with Ines, only to come back as Toni Erdmann he gets deep and realizes she is constantly working, on her toes and even doing drugs.

One of the beautiful parts of this movie comes in when Winfried takes Ines to a party of one of his friends. There we see a part of Ines coming out through the song she sings. It creates a different aura altogether from what we are watching.

But the awkward hilarity comes when Ines in the moment decides to host a naked party. The scene is carefully put and evolved and taking away one of the most beautiful moments of realization.

Peter Simonischek as Winfried Conradi / Toni Erdmann
and Sandra Hüller as Ines give one hell of a performance. You are connected with them. A relationship between a father and daughter. How he is trying to cheer her up, trying to reconnect a spark they once had or the daughter he misses.

Maren Ade carefully puts us into a Ferris wheel of character study. She shows a life, hanging to it and missing everything that is happening and passing by. A fake teeth joke that might lighten up your day.

Toni Erdmann is something awkwardly hilarious yet serious in its structure of life. Connecting a father and daughter. Constructing something that is reality of life and moving. It is just beautiful.

But on side note, Sandra Hüller is really beautiful.

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