Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★★

Setting up before the events of Twin Peaks, Fire Walk with Me sheds a dark light into the world of Laura Palmer. A troubled soul, deep in the undergrounds of drugs and sex.

Since I started watching this incredible series, my mind always went back to Laura Palmer. I wanted to know more of her. We gets glimpses of her in the series but for me it wasn't enough. And I think David Lynch knew that too. He wanted to make this before even the series started. It is very essential to get to know what lead everything to Twin Peaks. The darkness, the swifts, the secrets....

Twin Peaks is a small town, a town where everyone knows everybody. As we step into the world of Laura, we see her already in a dark place of her own. But it isn't your ordinary rebel reason for her. Laura needs someone, someone she can trust. Who can hold onto her, love her, get her out of this. But she herself doesn't really know what she is in. And how can she explain to anyone.

Whats more interesting here is that it is really a step up or what can i say, what Lynch really envisioned Twin Peaks should be. With the balance between maturity and darkness. But as the show was on ABC, he might had many restriction and it was also 1990.

One of the scene in the bar where Donna seems to be in a place like Laura, Laura immediately takes her scolding her not to be her. EVER! It was like one moment in her life which got her to this point of tragedy.

The brilliance of this movie comes through Lynch himself, brilliantly putting the pieces of of the puzzles. Using Agent Cooper at the right moments, placing the events step by step...Shaking you as a viewer to your core.

There are simply no words to describe the brilliance of David Lynch. With every work I watch of him, I am more and more in love with his work. It is like we all are in debt for what he has given to us and Cinema.

Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer gives everything she can for the role. It is like she was made for that role.

Fire Walk with Me is a masterpiece, an epic in every proportion. It is essential work of Lynch. Everything he worked has led to this. I really got to watch some happy movies now...I am having nightmares from watching movies like this. Yesterday it was Amy Dunne and today I don't know what is going to happen when I sleep.


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