Wendy and Lucy

Wendy and Lucy ★★★★★

A sweet and emotional tale of Wendy and her dog Lucy who get stuck at Oregon after Wendy's car breaks down and too her woos she has no funds for repairing it. As Wendy is caught shoplifting, Lucy goes missing and a tale of caring, love and search starts.

There is this realistic approach to this story. Wendy is someone trying to get by one day at a time. She has Lucy with whom she has traveled so far from just to get some work. Wendy has so little to go for as life but her nature is shy, sweet and caring. You are really connected with her and even when Lucy goes missing we are in a state where we start to worry as much as Wendy.

The best part of the movie is the conversations between Wendy and the Security Guard. It was so lovely to watch, him helping her in a time of her need. Even the last time they meet, it was so amazing and heart warming scene.

Michelle Williams as Wendy gives one her career best performance here. She is Wendy. The scene where she encounters a man rambling and going through her stuff, till her running from that place and finally getting to the restroom where she breaks down is just so frighting to watch. Even the scene where the garage owner explaining her about the cars damages and you can see her getting lost on hope about her plans ahead.

The last scene is so beautiful between Wendy and Lucy, it made me cry and smile at the same time.

Kelly Reichardt captures the reality of a relationship. There is no extended drama or forced emotions here. It is like you are in that place with the character.

And seriously tho, I wanted to punch that boy who reported and wanted to make an example of Wendy. And he didn't even give a fuck about her lost dog as she was shouting her name. Asshole.

Wendy and Lucy us beautiful, heart warming, teary and sad at times. Michelle Williams is juts magnificent as Wendy.

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