Your Name. ★★★★★

Hitoha Miyamizu: Treasure the experience. Dreams fade away after you wake up.

This year I haven't really been taken away by a movie...You know the feeling you are just like in the movie and you don't know your surroundings anymore...

Your Name is I think one of the most talked about movies this year, even my mom asked me about this movie the other day...Even though she was saying to me another Studio Ghibli movie has came out.

Your Name is unique in every way you can imagine. At first you are glancing at what is really happening, and as soon as you understand you are amused yet driven in the characters and their surrounding. You can see how a connection that through a dream and the space time continuum it has is something you ever see.

I loved how the main characters were represented. Even when they are switched you can see how they try to find each other. How they connect even and try better each other.

There is nothing new when I say that the animation is perfect and something you live for and is the definition of Beautifulism. Japanese animation has always been my favorite and my selection ahead of Pixar or Disney. You can see how every frame is detailed, every character felt and the scenery is beyond. Even the splitting of the comet or the twilight zone like scene between Taki and Mitsuha are something still so spectacular.

The movie even dwells in humor is very cute way. A simple back and emotional back story and the end I really though it was going to leave me blanked but it just melted my heart.

Your Name is nothing short of exceptional. It has its own beauty a unique story that is both heartwarming and exciting. It is everything you want to see your year end with a start.

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