A Bug's Life ★★★★★

There’s this old home video of me as a child falling asleep while eating and when I wake up, the first thing I aggressively ask my father is, “WHY’D YOU TURN OFF BUG’S LIFE? HUH?” I feel like I’d feel just as strongly now if that were the case as an adult.
A Bug’s Life is really just such a great story in the fact alone that it’s got such a unique plot to itself. So many of the details that come together to make Bug’s Life are all so individual on their own that it really comes together beautifully for its own story. 
This was my first time watching Bug’s Life in a long time and I just really do enjoy it, and I feel it’s one of the less-appreciated Pixar films. I’d take Bug’s Life alone over the entire Car’s franchise any day but you know. Pixar knows what sells.
Either way, the movie tells a great story and Hopper makes for a great villain. I was glad to watch it again.