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  • Porco Rosso

    Porco Rosso


    I cant believe I didnt enjoy this movie. One of the worst from the director.
    +decent voice acting
    - uninteresting, underdeveloped characters
    - plot was boring and not well explained, nor much of one to begin with

    I cant recommend this movie to anyone. I almost turned it off several times. It wasnt at all enjoyable and I wont ever be rewatching it. There just wasnt anything to keep me interested.

  • Dunkirk



    Overall, a great movie that was well acted and well filmed, though I have no interest in ever watching it again.

    +Props and costumes
    +Great cinematography

    -Not particularly re-watchable

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  • Life


    An all around terrible movie. An Alien rip off that just doesn't work.

    +Set Design
    +Special Effects

    - Unoriginal story
    -Entirely predictable
    -Alien isn't interesting; its just a squid
    -Many unnecessary scenes (reading Goodnight Moon made no sense)
    -Characters are not memorable. After finishing the movie I couldn't even remember any of their names. Horrible character development.

    I will not be watching this again. They could have done more of a "what if" movie instead just like The Martian and that would have been so much more interesting.

  • Changeling



    +Great Acting! Jolie is almost unrecognizable!
    +Set Design and Costumes were superb
    +Great Story with an unexpected twist

    -Pacing was off. 3/4 was great, but the trial was too slow and had us wondering how much time was left on the movie and that is never a good sign.
    -A bit too long for what it is

    I enjoyed the movie, despite the uneven pacing. I recommend that you watch it because it is good but once you do, it's not one you watch again.