Scream ★★★½

I remember feeling very conflicted about this series when I last saw this series (so long ago that it was still a trilogy), but later this year there's plans for a reunion with some of the cast at a con nearby, so I thought what better reason to give this beloved slasher another look to see if it shines any brighter for me now.

There's moments where this genuinely hit harder than I remembered for sure; such as that opening which I remembered as the best part, but everything about it was just so perfectly acted and directed that it was sincerely intense even knowing the outcome. Its just a shame there isn't anything that can live up to that level of intensity again, although there are a few eerie moments still up its sleeve. But this film just has such an identity problem with tone; some characters play things brooding and serious like a genuine horror, but then others overact and end every interaction making Jim Carrey faces and it feels less like you're watching a smartly written satire, and more that you're simultaneously watching a run of the mill slasher and it's parody counterpart.

Which leads me into my other big problem with this film in the writing. I just don't think it's as biting as it thinks it is, and although it does occasionally toy with clichés and tropes with Neve Campbell's character, it often settles into simply imitating the trope and then telling us how tired that is. As a result, I found the first half relatively strong but it all falls apart quite rapidly by that final act.

I may come away fairly middling with this film, but it does have enough good in it to be deservedly iconic thanks to a strong opening and a really great killer design, I just think it's dampened somewhat by confused performances, smarmy writing and a really disappointing final reveal. I'm definitely coming back for the sequels though for Sydney and Dewey.

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