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  • Christine



    4.5/5 = Great.
    John Carpenter #1 of 4: 4 Directors/4 Films

    Another movie adapted from a Stephen King novel where I haven't read the source material. Christine is the ultimate "killer car" story that sees Geeky student Arnie Cunningham (Keith Gordon), torn between his two loves, the girl Leigh (Alexandra Paul), and his car, a 1958 Plymouth Fury. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem as cars aren't sentient, right? They shouldn't be able to fight back. But this one does,…

  • The Last Waltz

    The Last Waltz


    5/5 = Excellent.
    Martin Scorsese #3/4: 4 Directors/4 Films

    I haven't listened to as many concert albums as I probably should have done, but for me I have three favourites that are a cut above everything else. In no particular order you have Johnny Cash's At Folsom Prison, Sam Cooke's Live at the Harlem Square Club 1963 and last but no means least, The Band's last ever gig, The Last Waltz, which features guest performances from legendary musicians like Bob…

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  • Alien



    Hoop-Tober 2015! (1/31)

    "Now, this air shaft may work to our advantage. Here. It leads up to and comes out in the main airlock. All right, there's only one big opening along the way, we can cover that up, and then we... drive it into the airlock and zap it into outer space."

    And yet another classic movie that I should have probably seen by now is ticked off my watchlist. Hot on the heels of the likes of Lost…

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


    4.5/5 = Great.

    The Full Review Can Be Found Here:

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is every bit as awesome as the best films in the MCU. Featuring several memorable moments, this film benefits from a character-driven focus rather than a plot one and has a great soundtrack to boot. Whilst five post credits sequences may feel a bit unnecessary it is an absolute blast from start to finish and I can highly recommend it.

    One of the…