Batman Forever

Batman Forever ★★★

Watched on DVD

Campy, cartoonish, yet not entirely a significant departure from the visions of Batman Returns – that would come with Schumacher’s next entry, Batman & RobinBatman Forever is surprisingly lots of fun helped by the sheer insanity that Schumacher brings to the table even if it's watered down Schumacher with a heavy Tim Burton influence (which turned out to be a good thing given what Schumacher was capable of when given complete freedom), much like Returns, it’s never dull, and I think low expectations helped this movie a lot as well as the fact that there’s nothing formulaic about it in the slightest.

Although Val Kilmer’s Batman is dull – and would be the worst were it not for George Clooney in Batman & Robin (and I couldn’t care about Robin here either) – Batman Forever’s main strength lies in its cheesy, over-the-top villains – Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey are having the times of their lives as Two-Face and Riddler. It’s not quite Batman’s finest hour – far from it, but the film does have its moments here and there even if it hasn’t aged especially well.

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