Creed ★★★★½

2015 Films Ranked!

One of my favourite movies of 2015, Ryan Coogler's Creed is an absolute blast that hits every right note, with some excellent performances from Slyvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson & Michael B. Jordan as a new chapter in the Rocky legacy is born. The original series falls foul of the too many sequels trap, but thankfully Creed proves to be the breath of fresh air that the franchise needs, putting a new hero in the role and achieving a similar underdog story that really works.

The direction from Coogler is great and with some excellent pacing combined with a heart-racing storyline, by the time the film reaches the final fight you'll be well behind Jordan's Adonis, who is the illegitimate son of the legendary fighter Apollo Creed. Desperate to prove himself without resorting to using his father's name, Adonis heads to Philadelphia where receives training from Rocky Balboa in order to improve his fighting skills, and make his own boxing career.

The soundtrack is perfect with a great score that hits the right emotional beats as well as some pretty good song choices too. All of the main characters are developed nicely and the buildup to the final fight is pulled off well. The fight scenes may be incredible on their own but they're really helped by the cast, because this is their movie and it really shows. Thanks to the strengths of the talent involved Creed is not just the best sports movie of 2015, but also one of the best movies of last year. Whether or not you're a Rocky fan, or even if you're not a boxing fan (I'm not), you'll want to watch this, especially before Coogler does Black Panther which is probably my most anticipated Marvel movie.

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