Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ½

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Completely awful and entirely superficious - was wondering why I avoided this for so long and it fully lives up to its reputation as a trainwreck.

Yes it's satire, but "it's satire" is a weak defence; satire can be both good and bad and this one very much falls into the latter category. It's painfully unfunny - Iannucci's Veep or The Thick of It are much better examples and earn the comedy to boot - this feels politically useless on top of that. Self-indulgent smugness from Adam McKay that doubles down on the worst of Vice - I'd rather have rewatched Melancholia.

Was wishing for this to end about 20 minutes in and should have turned it off then and to add insult to injury, Rylance's character is an entirely misguided character choice. Never again. If this gets nominated for best picture and Drive My Car doesn't, we riot.

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