Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason ★★½

2003 Films Ranked!
Film 8/30 of Scavenger Hunt #15
Task # 29: "A film with the word versus (Vs.) in its title."

Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees are arguably two of the best horror movie villains ever, even if their status has kind of been diminished by continuously disappointing sequels. You can see why a combination of the two films pitting both characters against each other is appealing and to an extent the "vs." part of the movie actually works with an awesome final fight between the two and the helpless teenagers caught in the middle, but before that, everything is pretty dull, not really scary and just feels like a re-hash.

The human characters aren't especially memorable and are quickly forgettable, even among the ones that survive to the end. Monica Keena and Jason Ritter are just two of the actors involved but on the whole, the film doesn't really make you invested in the main characters' plight. But obviously, you aren't here to care about the teenagers, you're here to watch Freddy and Jason go head to head.

And that doesn't dissapoint. In fact, the fight is why it gets 2.5 rather than 1, because even though I haven't seen every Friday the 13th movie or Nightmare on Elm Street movie ever the characters still can be great when pulled off well and for the most part that was the case here as we get to see what both Freddy and Jason are capable of before pitting them against each other. The ending should be satisfying even if it is fairly predictable, like the whole movie, and while it never aspires to greatness it isn't the worst horror movie that I've seen this year, even though that might not be saying much.

Also, Carol and Freddy vs. Jason is possibly the worst combination of two movies for a double feature. The former is far, far superior. But then, that's only to be expected.

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