Le Samouraï

Le Samouraï ★★★★★

One of my most anticipated Blu-Ray releases of the year was the Criterion upgrade of Le Samourai, a film that I had been meaning to watch for so long having heard so many good things about it, but had always been planning on holding off for a Criterion upgrade. Now that it was finally released I knew I'd be watching it as soon as possible after it arrived in the post earlier in the week as part of my Barnes and Noble Sale November sale haul, and I was really glad that the film didn't dissapoint. In fact, I was blown away from start to finish, as it marks a great introduction into the filmography of director Jean-Pierre Melville, whose work I really should have gotten around to watching more of by now.

The film is stylish and very cool, and feels perfectly at home with movies like Thief, Drive and The Driver. Alain Delon stars as a perfectionist hitman who always makes sure that there are no loose ends, and will do whatever's necessary to make sure that the job is done as cleanly and as professional as possible, whilst looking as cool as possible in a great coat and hat, which are almost like characters themselves. Delon weaves effortlessly from scene to scene, playing the role of Jeff Costello very well, bringing his badass character to life in a way that few have matched.

What an excellent double feature of Rashomon and Le Samourai. They may not go together well thematically, but they were masterpieces and serve as an excellent start to December. I may have just found the best movies that I'll watch this month already, and hell, they may end up being one of my best first watches of the year as well, although that's hard to call as I've watched a lot of fantastic movies this year.

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