The Tribe

The Tribe ★★★★

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I tried this film out on a whim and was not expecting it to be sign-language only, knowing literally nothing about The Tribe going in. However, that said, it still blew me away by how it was uniquely presented and gripping even if at the same time, thanks to the lack of subtitles, I had no idea what the hell was going on. It follows Sergey, who's both deaf and mute, at a school for other people like him in a boarding school as he learns the ins and outs of the school's network that has links to prostitution and crime, and is known as The Tribe.

Directed by Miroslav Slaboshpitsky and starring Grigoriy Fesenko, Yana Novikova, Rosa Babiy and more, the Ukrainian film The Tribe represents a step into the unknown for me. It's an interesting crime drama that feels very unique and I haven't quite seen another movie like it thanks to the whole use of sign language. It may not be for everyone but for those who give The Tribe a chance, you should find yourself liking this one even if it is pretty depressing a times. Currently available to stream on Amazon Prime, which it turns out it looks like I might have a few days left of the trial to watch more movies from. It's been great over the past month getting maximum work out of the download limit for Prime, by the way - and has served as a great distraction on the bus rides which are normally combining both into campus and back, the length of a film.

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