Under the Silver Lake ★★★

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A love letter to classic sun-drenched LA-set noir movies with a seedy undercurrent of the horror genre lurking beneath it, It's no surprise to see that Mubi, the film's UK distributor, are currently airing a feature of similiar films on their carefully curated streaming service available for UK subscribers (members also get a free ticket to watch Under the Silver Lake in cinemas for one week). You can find the likes of David Lynch's magnum opus Mulholland Drive and John Carpenter's cult classic They Live available to stream, two films that no doubt had some degree of influence over the latest feature from writer/director David Robert Mitchell, the mastermind behind horror sensation It Follows. Unlike It Follows however, Under the Silver Lake is set to be much more divisive, coming in at a daunting 139 minutes in length that makes it a challenging viewing experience.

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