Zodiac ★★★★★

David Fincher's masterpiece.

Zodiac more than delivers on what it sets out to do, acting as a compelling, meticulously crafted mystery that borrows from one of the most infamous unsolved cases in the United States. The all-star cast never once plays into their ego sacrificing it at every turn for the script, whilst at the same time every actor plays to their strengths - Jake Gyllenhaal is superb, Mark Ruffalo is committed in the role of the underdog investigator that he does so well, and Robert Downey Jr. rounds out the central trio of this enormous ensemble superbly. All the while John Carroll Lynch gives an instantly memorable supporting performance, with the actors and their characters entering and leaving the scene as the real life story dictates.

The opening shot of the first murder set to Donavan's Hurdy Gurdy Man is haunting and there's a consistent eeriness and developing sense of paranoia to Zodiac that Fincher revels in exploiting audiences expectations and turning them against us.

When you think you know where this film is going it turns around on you and goes the opposite direction. For all its runtime and all its precision in showing the facts down to the last detail, I was never left feeling bored by this film, and could have quite happily watched more (where's the six hour cut, HBO Max?). I was that engrossed, and it remains as fresh and as exciting as it did the first time around.

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