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  • Silent Hill

    Silent Hill


    If this were a little bit tighter it would be the standard all other video game adaptations are judged against. As it is it's a mess like all the others, even though at times it's a very effective mess.

  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    I wanted a half decent prequel to Alien.

    I got a half arsed sequel to Prometheus.

    Unexciting and unoriginal.

    Total bobbins.

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  • V/H/S


    Some segments are worse than others, unfortunately we start with the weakest and work up. By the time they picked up i'd all but lost interest.

  • The Patriot

    The Patriot


    Seagals first straight to video outing is a nauseating 90 minutes of the kind of hippy bullshit that eventually put an end to the ponytail on the big screen