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  • Japan's Longest Day

    Japan's Longest Day


    “If we continue the siege, it will be a national calamity.”

    Though Japan’s Longest Day features an all-star crew that will please in itself, the film fails to live up to the credentials of its incredible cast, screenwriter and director as the long, meandering narrative tends to drag throughout. However, learning about this specific event was interesting since I was completely unaware of its occurrence and therefore Japan’s Longest Day would probably be more enjoyable for those familiar with the intricacies of Japan's surrender.

  • I Will Buy You

    I Will Buy You


    “The war is almost over. A war with money in place of bombs.”

    Most probably Yunosuke Ito’s best performance that I’ve seen to date and he’s slowly becoming one of my all-time favourite actors. Though I Will Buy You doesn’t reach the upper echelon of greatness, needless to say, it a highly emotive piece that reveals the moral bankruptcy of 50s Japanese baseball. Kobayashi's decision to not show Kurita’s performance in the big leagues is telling and certainly forefronts the true, troubling motive behind sport - money.

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  • Surviving Edged Weapons

    Surviving Edged Weapons


    *Menacing Dog Bark*
    *Slow Mo Zoom On Teeth*
    ”How many edged weapons do you see now?”

    Fuck. That glass slicing scene was gruesome.

  • Late Spring

    Late Spring


    "How time flies. One minute we arrive, and the next we're leaving."

    In colour or in B&W, it really doesn't make a difference as it's still Ozu greatness. 

    Setsuko Hara really does light up the screen. It's easy to understand why she's held in such high regard.

    Chishu Ryu, your fucking charming smile will never cease to be endearing.

    @Ozu, make a bad film because otherwise, I'll only be able to watch your films forever.

    P.S. @Ozu, that dolly shadow tracking Setsuko was visible 😉