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  • The Father

    The Father


    The Father hugely succeeded in attempting to portray the extremely challenging and upsetting themes it tasked itself with in my opinion.

    It’s easy to see that this story was written specifically for Anthony Hopkins, as I think there are very few other working actors who could have possibly delivered such a complex and genuinely emotional performance. This was a real quiet tour de force from him; the way he portrays the deterioration of his character near the end of the…

  • The Blair Witch Project

    The Blair Witch Project

    The Blair Witch Project? More like the shut the fuck up you annoying bitch project.

    Unfortunately I found myself laughing at this a lot more than I ever felt scared by it. I'd honestly say this was a more jarring experience than scary personally. It's cool that that this essentially pioneered the 'found footage' style of horror film and the publicity around its release is worth reading up on, but by the end I just thought it was a bit…

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  • South


    I never normally call out other people's reviews like this, but from what I've read so far, the majority of people who have given this a low rating clearly didn't properly understand this or what it's intention was. This film has not been given the average rating it deserves in my opinion.

    While there is no story to this as such, it is edited in such a purposeful way, and employs such interesting and richly researched archive footage that moves…

  • La Haine

    La Haine

    Oh boy... I have a feeling this is going to be an unpopular review...

    Let me start by saying I'm far too late to this and I'm extremely glad to have watched it, because it is a very good film. However I honestly found it quite hard to love, and 90% of it just didn't hugely resonate with me unfortunately.

    I will say the last 2 minutes of this film were intensely powerful and really brilliant cinema. I nearly gave…