Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★

Every single shot of this movie felt like a painting.

Wes Anderson truly is a genius when it comes to film making. The colors, the cinematography, the tone, everything was perfect front to back. I don’t particularly love animated movies in general so this film definitely stood out to me. The detail in every frame was so well done and beautiful. Every character was super memorable in their own way. The overall aesthetic of the movie was super uplifting and somewhat nostalgic (even though this is my first time watching). The claymation was on point throughout the entire move and super experimental, so props to Anderson for those stunning visuals. Also I just finished a behind the scenes video on the film so even if you don’t love the movie the hard work and effort put into it must he acknowledged. The only negatives I took away from my watch was some corny lines in the dialogue and a few unneeded side story’s to the plot. Besides that a super clever and funny film that’s is definitely a must watch for kids and adults. This is now placed as my 3rd favorite Wes Anderson movie behind Grand Budapest Hotel and Moonrise Kingdom.

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