It Follows

It Follows ★★★★★

Hooptober 2k22 🎃 The First | Film #3

Here we have proof that such a simple concept can be so damn effective. You just have to give the viewer that feeling that familiar surroundings are no longer safe. It's really just this thought that burns into your head and thus creates a totally uncomfortable feeling. Evil can lurk anywhere and you don't see it at first glance. You don't even recognize it at second or third glance, but you know that something is there and lurking. 

David Robert Mitchells packs this uncomfortable feeling into a horror film that is totally modern, but still exudes an incredible seventies and eighties vibe. In calm images and long shots, he lets the events slowly affect us without appearing long-winded or even boring. John Carpenter's Halloween definitely had a big impact on It Follows, you can feel and see that in so many shots. And even if Halloween is the great classic for many and is considered a thousand times better than It Follows, I still have to say that this film conveys the effect much better here because it is more contemporary. 

Speaking of John Carpenter, the It Follows soundtrack is also based on his. It’s tremendously good and keeps the viewer nervous and alert at all times. But back to the concept of this film. Choosing to stage all of this without jumpscares was the best idea they could have come up with. So you stay tense towards the end and wait for a release from misery which in this case is not offered by a jumpscare. A very effective decision. What also comes on top is the great cast in combination with the aesthetic cinematography. With the not always logical decisions of the characters, the film also feels much more real, because let's be honest, who of us would act logically in such a situation under mortal fear?

Even after each additional watch, It Follows remains an intense experience which can definitely make you a little paranoid. I absolutely love this movie, even though I find it a tiny bit too long about halfway through, but the length really doesn't last long and it's probably just because I've watched the movie so many times. It Follows is a horror film that is at the same time totally creepy, but also incredibly relaxing, although really tense. I don't know if this sentence sounds logical, but it really is the way it is.

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