Action Jackson ★★

D: Craig R. Baxley
Guild/Lorimar (Joel Silver)
USA 🇺🇸 1988
96 mins
W: Robert Reneau
DP: Matthew F. Leonetti
Ed: Mark Helfrich
Mus: Herbie Hancock & Michael Kamen
Carl Weathers (Sgt. Jericho 'Action' Jackson), Vanity (Sydney Ash), Craig T. Nelson (Peter Dellaplane), Sharon Stone (Patrice Dellaplane), Bill Duke (Capt. Armbruster), Robert Davi (Tony Moretti), Thomas F. Wilson (Officer Kornblau)
A maverick cop is framed for murder while investigating murders of union officials.
A ridiculous and formulaic action thriller with some highly questionable performances and a villain right out of a pantomime.
Carl Weathers was a decent supporting player in films such as Predator and the Rocky films, but he simply doesn't have enough charisma or screen presence to carry a film himself, even in an action vehicle as formulaic as this. It's not completely terrible, but you wouldn't remember too much about it after a couple of weeks.