Adrenalin: Fear the Rush

Adrenalin: Fear the Rush ★½

D: Albert Pyun
Columbia Tristar/Largo/Toga (Tom Karnowski & Gary Schmoeller)
USA/Slovakia 🇺🇸🇸🇰 1996
77 mins


W: Albert Pyun
DP: George Mooradian
Ed: Ken Morrisey
Mus: Tony Riparetti
PD: Nenad Pecur

Christophe Lambert (Officer Lemieux), Natasha Henstridge (Officer Delon), Norbert Weisser (Cuzo), Elizabeth Barondes (Wocek)

A short review for a short, shit film:
Set in 2007 (& therefore already dated) two cops try to track down a mad killer who has escaped from quarantine carrying a deadly plague which depopulated Europe.
Cheap, straight to video sci-fi hokum which was filmed in Bratislava, Slovakia to cut costs, although the story is meant to take place in Boston (or Romania, depending which version you watch). It certainly explains why police cars are marked 'policia'.
Even for cheap straight to video garbage it's pretty bad, but it can be slightly forgiven that the version which was originally envisioned is unlikely to be seen due to budget restraints and studio interference.