Adventureland ★★★

D: Greg Mottola
Miramax (Sidney Kimmel, Anne Carey & Ted Hope)
USA 🇺🇸 2009
107 mins
W: Greg Mottola
DP: Terry Stacey
Ed: Anne McCabe
Mus: Yola Tengo
Jesse Eisenberg (James Brennan) Kristen Stewart (Emily Lewin), Ryan Reynolds (Mike Connell), Martin Starr (Joel), Bill Hader (Bobby), Kristen Wiig (Paulette)

A surprisingly decent watch, set in the summer of 1987 and following a group of teenagers who take up seasonal jobs at an amusement park.
The works incredibly well as a nostalgic throwback to John Hughes-style teen flicks of the 1980's, with a soundtrack choc-a-block with personal favourites.
It's a shame that Kristen Stewart is the female lead, she often struggles to act well enough to walk across a room convincingly, although to her credit, she's less irritating in this than in the majority of the other films in which she's appeared. The rest of the cast are fine, most doing their usual schtick for a script which doesn't require much else. Certainly worth a watch if you grew up during the 80's and need a little nostalgia hit.