America's Sweethearts ★★½

D: Joe Roth
Columbia (Billy Crystal, Susan Arnold & Donna Arkoff Roth)
USA 🇺🇸 2001
102 mins


W: Billy Crystal & Peter Tolan
DP: Phedon Papamichael
Ed: Stephen A. Rotter
Mus: James Newton Howard
Cos: Ellen Mirojnick & Jeffrey Kurland

Julia Roberts (Kiki Harrison), Billy Crystal (Lee Phillips), Catherine Zeta-Jones (Gwen Harrison), John Cusack (Eddie Thomas), Hank Azaria (Hector), Stanley Tucci (Dave Kingman), Christopher Walken (Hal Weidmann)

As a PR stunt, two feuding film stars fake a relationship in order to promote their latest movie.
What starts as a promising satire of Hollywood and it's celebrity culture ends up being quite narcissistic, self-referential and takes itself way too seriously. The enjoyment factor depends heavily on how much you care about celebrities and their personal business.
Considering the talent involved in this movie, it was a hugely missed opportunity which ended up being an exercise in materialism and superficiality (It's almost too obvious that studio involvement ruined whatever this could have been).