Animal Factory

Animal Factory ★★★

D: Steve Buscemi
Silver Nitrate/Franchise Films (Steve Buscemi, Elie Samaha, Andrew Stevens, Julie Yorn, Danny Trejo, Edward Bunker & Tracee Stanley)
USA 🇺🇸 2000
94 mins


W: Edward Bunker & John Steppling [based on the novel by Edward Bunker]
DP: Phil Parmet
Ed: Kate Williams
Mus: John Lurie

Willem Dafoe (Earl Copen), Edward Furlong (Ron Decker), Danny Trejo (Vito), John Heard (James Decker), Mickey Rourke (Jan the Actress), Tom Arnold (Buck Rowan), Seymour Cassel (Lt. Seeman)

Animal Factory is a rather mundane prison drama, based partially on true events, where a young junkie is imprisoned on a minor charge but becomes a member of a hardcore prison gang, leading to violence and further incarceration.
The cast is full of good actors, but nobody really shines. Steve Buscemi does an okay job on the other side of the camera, but this material needed someone who could bring a little bit more grit to the screen.