Animals ★★★

D: Sophie Hyde
Cornerstone/Closer/Vico (Sarah Brocklehurst, Cormac Fox, Sophie Hyde & Rebecca Summerton)
Australia/Ireland 🇦🇺🇮🇪 2019
109 mins


W: Emma Jane Unsworth [based on her novel]
DP: Bryan Mason
Ed: Bryan Mason
Mus: Zoe Barry & Jed Palmer

Holliday Grainger (Laura), Alia Shawkat (Tyler), Fra Fee (Jim), Dermot Murphy (Marty), Amy Molloy (Jean)

Animals is a low-budget Australian-Irish collaboration based on the novel by Emma Jane Unsworth, who also adapted the screenplay.
Laura & Tyler are best friends, party girls who get drunk in the bars of Dublin on a nightly basis, dabbling with drugs and behaving with general debauchery. Laura is an aspiring writer, but the fact that she has barely written 10 pages of a novel in 10 years makes her the butt of family jokes. She meets Jim, a musician, and her relationship with Tyler subsequently deteriorates.
Women behaving badly is pretty much the general theme of the movie, which is carried by the two central performances, especially Holliday Grainger, who is excellent.  
It's actually quite refreshing to show female characters quite shamelessly unabashed, displaying vulnerability whilst also being quite unsympathetic.
A very decent low budget indie.