Arizona Dream

Arizona Dream ★★★

D: Emir Kusturica
Electric/Constellation/UGC/Hachette (Claudie Ossard & Yves Marmion)
USA/France 🇺🇸 🇫🇷 1991 (released 1993)
119 mins


W: David Atkins
DP: Vilko Filac
Ed: Andrija Zafranovic
Mus: Goran Bregovic

Johnny Depp (Axel Blackmar), Faye Dunaway (Elaine Stalker), Jerry Lewis (Leo Sweetie), Lili Taylor (Grace Stalker), Paulina Pourzikova (Millie), Vincent Gallo (Paul Leger)

Johnny Depp plays a New York fishmonger who visits Arizona to see his uncle and ends up falling in love with an older woman.
Equally quirky and surreal, idiosyncratic and original, with lots of artistic symbolism and postmodern homages to cinema classics (mostly The Wizard of Oz).
Half the audience will doubtlessly see this as pretentious dross while the other half will see it as the director intended, a bizarre dream.
Nevertheless, the acting is faultless (especially Faye Dunaway, delivering her finest performance since the 70's) and the soundtrack is excellent.