Bad Influence

Bad Influence ★★★

D: Curtis Hanson
Epic (Steve Tisch)
USA 🇺🇸 1990
99 mins
W: David Koepp
DP: Robert Elswit
Ed: Bonnie Koehler
Mus: Trevor Jones
Rob Lowe (Alex), James Spader (Michael), Lisa Zane (Claire), Christian Clemenson (Pismo), Kathleen Wilhoite (Leslie), Tony Maggio (Patterson), Marcia Cross (Ruth)
Rob Lowe is perfectly cast in this thriller, supposedly because of his bad boy reputation around the time it was made. He plays the mysterious and shady new friend of a timid office worker (Spader), who is manipulated into undertaking a different lifestyle and adopting unsavoury mannerisms.
It has enough suspense to maintain it's running time but some might say it's 'Fatal Attraction with a couple of guys', I think it's a little better than that and the sort of thing Hitchcock would make, albeit with a little more ambiguity between the relationship of the two men.