Bad Lieutenant

Bad Lieutenant ★★★

D: Abel Ferrera
Guild/Lt. Productions (Edward R. Pressman & Mary Kane)
USA 🇺🇸 1992
96 mins


W: Abel Ferrera & Zoe Lund
DP: Ken Kelsch
Ed: Anthony Redman
Mus: Joe Delia

Harvey Keitel (The Lieutenant), Frankie Thom (The Nun), Zoe Lund (Zoe)

Abel Ferrera's 1992 contribution to exploitation films was met with controversy upon release, especially in Britain, where it was dubbed a "video nasty".
Harvey Keitel plays a corrupt, drug-addicted detective who uses his status to manipulate the law. Gambling heavily on baseball matches & in deep debt with gangsters, he investigates a case where a nun was raped and sees it as a chance of redemption.
Though Harvey Keitel brings an excellent performance to the screen, not one second of the film makes for a pleasant viewing experience.