Big Bully

Big Bully ★★

D: Steve Miner
Warner Bros./Morgan Creek (Lee Rich & Gary Foster)
USA 🇺🇸 1996
93 mins
W: Mark Steven Johnson
DP: Daryn Okada
Ed: Marshall Harvey
Mus: David Newman
PD: Ian Thomas
Rick Moranis (David Leary), Tom Arnold (Roscoe 'Fang' Bigger), Julianne Phillips (Victoria Tucker), Carol Kane (Faith Bigger), Jeffrey Tambor (Art Lundstrom)
It's sad to see Rick Moranis star in such movies as Big Bully, his comedic and acting talents are more deserving than rubbish like this. However, for his co-star Tom Arnold, this is the type of obnoxious role he was suited to.
Arnold plays a former school bully returns to his spiteful thuggish ways when one of his victims returns to their old school as a teacher.         
An asinine, moronic slapstick made far too long after the popularity of its two main actors had waned (if indeed Tom Arnold had any in the first place).