Can't Buy Me Love ★★½

D: James Foley
Warner Bros./Touchstone (Thom Mount)
USA 🇺🇸 1987
94 mins
W: Michael Swerdlick
DP: Peter Lyons Collister
Ed: Jeff Gourson
Mus: Robert Folk
Patrick Dempsey (Ronald Miller), Amanda Peterson (Cindy Mancini), Tina Caspary (Barbara), Darcy DeMoss (Patty), Seth Green (Chuck Miller)
A geeky student hires a popular cheerleader to be his girlfriend in the hope that it will increase his popularity.     
Surely this film just glorifies prostitution??
It's just another film in a long line of teen-orientated comedies released after the success of The Breakfast Club and the rest of John Hughes' output. It lacks longevity and has very little appeal to anyone over 16. If it weren't for the title, named after The Beatles' song, it simply wouldn't be remembered at all.