China O'Brien ★★½

D: Robert Clouse
Golden Harvest (Fred Weintraub)
USA 🇺🇸 1990
90 mins
W: Robert Crouse
DP: Kent Wakeford
Ed: Mark Harrah
Mus: David Wheatley & Paul Antonelli
Cynthia Rothrock (Lori 'China' O'Brien), Richard Norton (Matt Conroy), Keith Cooke (Dakota), Patrick Adamson (Deputy Marty Lickner), David Blackwell (Sheriff John O'Brien)
When her father is murdered, a former cop takes over his role as sheriff of a small town and uncovers corruption within.
While this martial arts action flick wins brownie points for the novelty of having a heroine at the helm, it's all rather cliched and doesn't really get much better than its opening action scene, which really is quite a lot of fun.         
Despite some ropey performances and a very formulaic plot, it is quite enjoyable, as long you're not expecting too much from it.
A sequel followed almost instantly.