Class of Nuke 'Em High ★★

D: Richard W. Haines & Samuel Weil (Lloyd Kaufman)
Troma (Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman & James Treadwell)
US 🇺🇸 1986
83 mins

Comedy/Science Fiction/Horror

W: Lloyd Kaufman, Richard W. Haines, Mark Rudnitsky & Stuart Strutin
DP: Michael Mayers
Ed: Richard W. Haines 
Mus: Ethan Hurt

Janelle Brady (Chrissy), Gil Brenton (Warren), Robert Pritchard (Spike), James Nugent Vernon (Eddie), Pat Ryan, Jr. (Mr. Paley), Brad Dunker (Gonzo)

Like the majority of Troma films, you'll know whether or not this will be your thing from the title and plot alone.
A chemical waste leak affects the students of a high school and they use their new mutant powers against a group of punk bullies.
It's in the usual cheap, schlocky style of the studio, with some rather disgusting makeup effects, bad taste humour and gratuitous nudity.
It's dated incredibly poorly, and it wouldn't have looked great in 1986.