Cold Pursuit ★★

D: Hans Petter Moland
Summit/StudioCanal (Finn Gjerdrum, Stein B. Kvae, Michael Shamberg & Ameet Shukla)
US/UK 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 2019
118 mins


W: Frank Baldwin [based on the screenplay "In Order Of Disappearance" by Kim Fupz Aakeson]
DP: Philip Øgaard
Ed: Nicolaj Monberg
Mus: George Fenton

Liam Neeson (Nels Coxman), Tom Bateman (Trevor 'Viking' Calcote), Tom Jackson (White Bull Legrew), Emmy Rossum (Kim Dash), Julia Jones (Aya), Domenick Lombardazzi (Mustang)

Liam Neeson seeks revenge again, this time against the gangsters who murdered his son in the snowbound, ski resort town of Kehoe, Colorado.
The film is a remake of a 2014 Norwegian film, which was more of a black comedy, whereas this American remake is trying to be serious, pitting an everyday man against the mob in his pursuit of vengeance. We've all seen it done before though, and this is just treading once again in very familiar territory.
Surely Liam Neeson must be getting tired of being typecast in this kind of film, and, if not, I'm sure getting tired of watching them.