Communion ★★

D: Philippe Mora
Vestron/Pheasantry/Allied Vision/Picture Property (Philippe Mora, Whitley Strieber & Dan Allingham)
USA 🇺🇸 1989
101 mins
Science Fiction
W: Whitley Strieber [based on his novel]
DP: Louis Irving
Ed: Lee Smith
Mus: Eric Clapton
Christopher Walken (Whitley Strieber), Lindsay Crouse (Anne Strieber), Frances Sternhagen (Dr. Janet Duffy), Andreas Katsulas (Alex)
A rather strange, meandering science fiction conspiracy, supposedly based on factual events of a man suffering an alien abduction and the effects on both himself and his family following this event.
It will probably mean more to those who have read the book that it's based on. For a mainstream audience, there's much better films out there which aren't based on a 'true story'.