Couples Retreat

Couples Retreat ★★

D: Peter Billingsley
Universal/Relativity Media (Scott Stuber & Vince Vaughn)
USA 🇺🇸 2009
113 mins
W: Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau, Dana Fox, Curtis Hanson, Greg Beeman & Peter Billingsley 
DP: Eric Edwards
Ed: Pietro Scalia & Dan Lebantal
Mus: A.R. Rahman
Vince Vaughn (Dave), Malin Ã…kerman (Ronnie), Jon Favreau (Joey), Kristin Davis (Lucy), Kristen Bell (Cynthia), Jason Bateman (Jason), Faizon Love (Shane), Kali Hawk (Trudy)
Considering some of the talent involved, you'd be forgiven for wanting much more from this bland comedy.
A professional synopsis would say that this is a film about a group of couples who go on vacation together and end up behaving badly. An honest synopsis would say it's a group of actors playing the same characters they've played in several films before and still expect to be applauded for it. 
The saddest thing is that some audience members do.

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