Creepshow 2 ★★½

D: Michael Gornick
New World/Laurel (David Ball)
US 🇺🇸 1987
92 mins


W: George A. Romero [based on stories by Stephen King]
DP: Richard Hart & Tom Hurwitz
Ed: Peter Weatherley
Mus: Les Reed & Rick Wakeman

Tom Savini (The Creep), George Kennedy (Ray Spruce), Dorothy Lamour (Martha Spruce), Holt McCallany (Sam Whitemoon), Paul Satterfield (Deke), Jeremy Green (Laverne), Page Hannah (Rachel), Lois Chiles (Anne Lansing), Tom Wright (The Hitchhiker)

The same format as 1982's Creepshow is used, except there are only three chilling stories of horror, as opposed to five in the first anthology.
The stories are of varying quality when it comes to the chill factor, but the special effects and makeup for each segment are fine considering the modest budget of the production, and it's only the animated segments that look particularly dated.
I would say that the classification board did the film a disservice by rating the movie as an 18 certificate, since it's a little too silly for adults, but would be a fine horror movie for older teenagers. Cool poster though.