Criminal ★★

D: Ariel Vromen
Summit/Millennium (J.C. Spink, Jake Weiner, Mark Gill, Matt O'Toole & Christa Campbell)
US 2016
113 mins


W: Douglas Cook & David Weisberg
DP: Dana Gonzales
Ed: Danny Rafic
Mus: Brian Tyler

Kevin Costner (Jerico Stewart), Ryan Reynolds (Bill Pope), Gal Gadot (Jill Pope), Gary Oldman (Quaker Wells), Tommy Lee Jones (Dr. Micah Franks)

What starts off as a Bourne Identity style spy thriller wanes off into run-of-the-mill action hokum with an incredibly tedious plot.
The memories of a murdered intelligence agent are embedded into a volatile criminal so an assignment can be completed.
In short, this is Robocop without the science fiction element and gets more and more boring as the film goes on. A real shame considering its promising opening skirmish, especially since there's an incredibly talented cast on show here.