DeepStar Six

DeepStar Six ★★

D: Sean S. Cunningham
Tri-Star (Sean S. Cunningham & Patrick Markey)
USA 🇺🇸 1989
100 mins

Science Fiction/Horror

W: Lewis Abernathy & Geoff Miller
DP: Mac Ahlberg
Ed: David Handman
Mus: Harry Manfredini

Taurean Blacque (Capt. Phillip Laidlaw), Nancy Everhard (Joyce Collins), Greg Evigan (McBride), Miguel Ferrer (Snyder), Matt McCoy (Jim Richardson)

Alien set underwater with a storyline almost identical to the same year's bigger budget underwater science fiction films The Abyss (which was better) and Leviathan (which was worse).
The cheap looking effects can be forgiven more than the terrible performances, but when you watch B-movie hokum, you pretty much know what to expect. The cast are all at sea, but considering the talent involved, it's not the kind of film where you expect Oscar-worthy acting.

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