Fair Game ★★★½

D: Doug Liman
Summit/River Road (Jez Butterworth, Akiva Goldsman, Doug Liman, Bill Pohlad, Jerry Zucker & Janet Zucker)
USA 🇺🇸 2010
108 mins


W: Jez Butterworth & John Butterworth [based on the books "Fair Game" by Valerie Plame & "The Politics Of Truth" by Joseph C. Wilson]
DP: Doug Liman
Ed: Christopher Tellefsen
Mus: John Powell

Naomi Watts (Valerie Plame), Sean Penn (Joseph Wilson), Noah Emmerich (Bill), Ty Burrell (Fred), Sam Shepard (Sam Plame), Bruce McGill (James Pavitt)

American political thrillers can be a very hit & miss genre, enjoyment may depend heavily upon which continent you live on or, indeed, your general level of interest. This one, in short, is giving a middle finger to the Bush administration and his policies on the Gulf War.
Based on a true story, it features Sean Penn & Naomi Watts as married CIA agents collecting intelligence and information on WMD in Iraq (or lack of). 
Their gathered intel is then cherry picked by officials who want to justify the war and the couples names are then leaked to the press, jeopardising their future careers in their government jobs.
It's an intelligent, dramatic film with superb performances from it's two leads, helped by a very clever, controversial screenplay.
Not to be confused with the 1990's film starring Cindy Crawford.